Let me introduce myself.


I am an artist. 

I am a lover.

I and extremely passionate and crave the intense feeling of a memorable encounter which will linger in our minds for a long time afterwards. 

I can be your sanctuary in a loud and busy world, your escape for a while, your investment in yourself.


As a university graduate holding 3 degrees and speaking multiple languages, combined with my model looks, I often turn heads but never raise eyebrows. 


I am 5’6’’, very toned and slim/athletic and all natural with long blonde hair and seductive ocean blue eyes. My eyes are my favorite feature, I have gotten compliments for them ever since I can remember. Unfortunately I cannot show them to you in my Gallery, only in person. 


I am an educated, smart, elegant, ambitious, passionate, athletic and intensely curious woman who is a complete sapiosexual and a lover of smart, successful, kind and generous people. 


I am a down to earth free spirit with a wild side, am ambitious in my life and very discreet as I keep personal things personal. 


I am just as comfortable at a high end restaurant as I am at a laid back comedy club, I love being active outdoors and swimming in the ocean just as much as I enjoy spending time at the spa at a 5 star resort. I like to go out just as much as I enjoy staying in. If you've booked multiple hours with me, we can go out to eat unless you'd prefer to order in. :)


I love being affectionate and create unbelievable experiences that will take our breath away. The intense moments that can happen between two people have always intrigued me and I have a deep love for making someone happy and ecstatic wile also creating a unique bond and friendship at the same time. 


I am, quite simply, at your service. 

You may wonder: “where’s the catch here?” 


The “catch” is as an international published model and public figure I require a much higher level of discretion than the average model, aside from that I simply personally want that discretion for no other reason than me being a private person when it comes to anything personal. With that said, I will be more selective with who I am going to meet up with. I have to get the sense that you as well value discretion and privacy, are not into the whole “review culture”, don’t care to kiss and tell and are simply interested in having a wonderful time together. If you like to read reviews, publish them and need that aspect of it, I am not your girl. 

If you, for your own reasons, value privacy and discretion you have found the right woman. 


Furthermore, this is nothing but a small aspect of my life. This means I am not doing tours nor devoting all my time to this. If I happen to be in another city and have some free time and the desire to meet someone, I will announce that on my website.


I am highly selective and will only devote my energy to a person I feel I could have amazing chemistry with. 


Whether you intend to only meet up once, spend time frequently or even start a special kind of relationship, I am open to all possibilities.

I am a sapiosexual and love to have enticing, deep conversations, learn new things and expand my mind.


We all need some excitement in our lives.